What are we?

We are a balanced view of the highly fragmented global testing inspection and certification (TIC) markets — providing broad laboratory, inspection and certification management for products and services including food and the associated certification and scheduling software.

Experienced in product and food supply chain governance; product economically motivated adulteration (EMA) and product fraud; and certification management including tracking and tracing software tools. We are here to help you navigate the complex, simply.

We genuinely care

It’s personal, because to really help you and your business, it takes trust. Trust to open up your books, to share your hopes and dreams and to commit to each other. Your journey becomes part of our journey.

Years of experience

We work with businesses across a range of sizes and industries and have produced outstanding results. It’s our depth of knowledge across a number of industries that helps us leverage the best solutions.

Sense of purpose

We love what we do. It energises us when we see collaborative ideas, experience and knowledge deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. But the real joy is seeing what we do positively impacts all levels of your life.

Amazing value

Can you afford the time or the money to waste on poor advice? Probably not. By asking the right questions and listening carefully, we will help you define more clearly what are the appropriate short-term milestones.

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Who are we?


John Moushall

John is an accomplished senior executive with three decades of demonstrated success within Australian, US and Asian public and private sector enterprises. With a science degree, a Business background and an MBA with a focus on Strategic Management and International Business, he is perfectly poised to identify your business’ issues, devise a strategy to overcome them and assist you in executing that plan. An outstanding ability to translate vision into strategic program development and execution, delivering value and promoting organisational growth.

An experienced team builder with global leadership skills within areas of expertise include:

  • Global TIC markets
  • Supply chain governance — food and product
  • Transformational IT and product leadership
  • Agile team building, development and mentoring
  • Emergent technologies and trends identification
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Strategic technology and business planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and partnership management
  • Complex project management
  • New product development and innovation practitioner
  • Policy development, management and continuous improvement
  • Change and risk management
  • Contract negotiation, financial and budget management

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